Ask Joe: Is Sparks planning to clean-up homeless camps along river?

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Wednesday's Ask Joe question:

Tracy Uphold wrote in asking if Sparks Police are planning a sweep of the homeless camps along the Truckee River?

Here's what I found out:

The last time we checked on this back in April, the city told us they would not be kicking anybody out because there is really no other place for them to go.

I checked with City Spokeswoman Julie Duewell and she told me our viewer is correct. The city is now planning to do a homeless sweep -- officers will be out letting people know it is illegal to camp along the river after 10 p.m.

Duewell says this is a public safety issue and she says they are working with other agencies to provide services to those in need.

So it sounds like the philosophy has changed. Duewell did tell us last time that a homeless commission had been formed to look at some of these issues so it could be that the commission decided something has to be done. This is a balancing act for city officials respecting the rights of the homeless while also making sure the river remains a safe place for everyone. But as of now the city is stepping up its approach to getting things cleaned up.

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