Ask Joe: Is safety being addressed at Reed High crosswalk?


From the Ask Joe file, we're looking in to a question about crosswalk safety in the wake of a deadly accident near Reed High School.

Kris wrote in to ask if there is anything that can be done to make the crosswalk outside of Reed High School less dangerous after a teenager was struck and killed there last month?

Here's what I found out:

17 year old Maelynn McLaughlin, a Reed High student, was struck and killed while crossing Baring Boulevard in the crosswalk outside of Reed.

Since the accident some Reed High students have started a petition drive and collected more than two-thousand signatures in an effort to convince the city of Sparks to add some light-up signs at three different crosswalks outside the school.

I checked with Julie Duewell with the city of Sparks and she confirmed they have received the signatures. She says they are waiting for police to finish up their investigation but in the meantime the city is moving forward collecting data and studying all of the crosswalks in front of Reed High School.

The city and the school district have put out a video on Youtube called 'The time has changed, now its time for a change' to emphasize crosswalk safety which the school district says is an epidemic in our area.

So there seems to be a lot of support for making safety improvements there. I also found out the city and school district are planning to hold a town hall meeting after Thanksgiving at Reed to address students' concerns about this issue. So hopefully some solutions are not too far off.

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