Ask Joe: Is part of I-580 road surface falling apart?


From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a possible hazard out on the freeway that some drivers are encountering.

Russ Earle called up to say he was driving down I-580 near the Spaghetti Bowl and a brick-sized piece of concrete popped up out of the road and nearly hit his car.

He wants to know what's being done about this and whether other drivers have also encountered the same thing.

We went out and took a look for ourselves, and we did see some brick size holes in the concrete on I-580. I checked with Meg Ragonese at NDOT about this and she says they are aware of it. There's even a name for it -- they call it "spalling."

The holes have been filled with a polymer resin that hardens like concrete, but when the temperatures fluctuate as they have lately, yes, some of these pieces can pop right out and that is what's happening.

NDOT says the long-term goal is to resurface the entire freeway including the Spaghetti Bowl, but for now they're relying on this patching system, which works well most of the time -- but not all of it.

So be careful out there, especially if you're on a motorcycle. Some of those holes are a pretty decent size, and you don't want to hit one if you can help it.

If your car is damaged by one of these pieces you can file a claim by calling NDOT at 888-7000. Any claims must be approved by the Attorney General's office before they're paid out, but that is the process if you want to try to get reimbursed.

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