Ask Joe: Is Park Lane project still moving forward?

park lane 3.jpg

Friday's Ask Joe question: Viewer Edward Rodriguez wrote in asking if construction is moving forward on the Park Lane site in Reno?

Here's what I found out:

The Park Lane property used to be the home of the Park Lane Mall. The mall was torn down and a combination of retail, housing and office space is now planned there at the corner of Plumb and Virginia Street.

I checked with Haley Gibbs who handles public relations for the developer on this project. She says construction is moving ahead but they are transitioning from one phase to the next. They are finishing up with the underground storm drain and sewer work right now. The next phase that will be the construction of infrastructure and roads.

The plan is for the first buildings to start going up this summer.

It's a big project. When its all finished plans call for 16-hundred apartments, 45-thousand square feet office space and 85-thousand square feet of retail space there. At this point it's all on schedule.

Thanks to Edward for writing in with that question!

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