Ask Joe: Is new traffic signal still planned at Pyramid and Calle de la Plata?

calle de la plata.jpg

Monday's Ask Joe question: Darlene Cooper reached out on Facebook to find out if when a traffic signal is going to be built on Pyramid Highway at Calle de la Plata?

Darlene says the signal was supposed to be working last month but she has yet to see it in operation.

Here's what I found out:

Our photographer Miles Buergin went out and checked it out for us. There is no traffic signal that we could see at this intersection of Pyramid and Calle de la Plata right now but I checked with the Regional Transportation Commission about this. Lauren Ball at RTC says there are plans for a signal there and construction will start in May of this year.

Ball says the signal is part of a larger project that will include pedestrian crosswalks, ramps, and warning flashers, even a vehicle detection system to help with traffic flows.

Of course Pyramid Highway gets busier all the time so turning on and off the road is getting a little more challenging and dangerous depending on the time of day. The new signal should go a long way toward making this intersection safer.

Construction should get underway soon. RTC says they anticipate the signal will be operational by September of this year.

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