Ask Joe: Is NDOT going to install more 'Welcome to Nevada' signs?

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From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about some new signs going up to welcome people to the Silver State.

One of our viewers, Bill, wrote in to say he's been waiting to see the new "Welcome to Nevada" sign up at Bordertown as you're driving into Nevada on U.S. 395.

He hasn't seen it yet, and he wants to know if NDOT has any plans to install one there.

Here's what I found out:

I checked with Meg Ragonese at NDOT about this. She says they have installed 25 new "Welcome to Nevada" signs at different border locations around the state.

The signs were designed by high school students, and the first one went up in March. One sign is posted at the state line on Interstate 80 out near Verdi.

Over the next two years, Ragonese says they will be installing these gateway monument signs at the other border locations like U.S. 395 at Bordertown, the area our viewer asked about.

Here is a list of the locations where the new gateway monuments will be installed: U.S. 395 at Bordertown, Crystal Bay up at Lake Tahoe, Stateline on Highway 50 and U.S. 395 at Topaz Lake.

There will also be one installed down at Hoover Dam in Southern Nevada.

NDOT says the gateway monuments will help create a positive first impression for people coming across state lines into Nevada.

The new gateway landmarks will go up in the near future, but in the meantime the old welcome signs will remain in place, welcoming visitors the old fashioned way.

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