Ask Joe: Is eyesore billboard on Mayberry Drive legal?


Tuesday's Ask Joe question: viewer Lori wants to know why an old billboard is allowed to stay in her neighborhood when she and others say it's an eyesore?

Here's what I found out:

We went out and took a look at the billboard Lori is talking about. It's located along West Fourth Street and Mayberry Drive. The city of Reno says it is legal because it was put up before the moratorium on new billboards was put in place. Code Enforcement Manager Alex Woodley even took a trip out there after we asked about it so he could see it for himself. He says there are no violations and one side is being used for advertising.

It may not look great but Woodley says unless it is a situation where the sign is falling down or presenting a danger to someone there's not a whole lot they can do.

Reno did adopt a billboard ban in September of 2017. That means no new billboards are allowed. In the meantime there are about 182 billboards around town including that one at the end of Mayberry drive that are not impacted because they were put up before the ban went into place.

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