Ask Joe: Is anyone going to clean up trash dumped near Fernley Veterans Cemetery?

fernley trash.png

From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into another question about illegal trash dumping.

One of our viewers, John Sylvester, brought this up to Bill Frankmore over the weekend at a wrestling tournament out in Fallon.

John says he noticed some trash had been dumped illegally out near the Veterans' Cemetery in Fernley, and he wants to know who is in charge of getting it cleaned up.

Here's what I found out:

We sent our drone up to get a look and there is definitely some trash that has been dumped out there in the desert near the Veterans' Cemetery.

I checked with Daphne Hooper, the Fernley city manager, about this. She says it is being addressed and they should have it cleaned up soon.

No one filed a complaint about it, but Hooper says city staff noticed it and they will be out there cleaning up.

It's a shame because it takes up city time and resources to clean it up when people dump trash out like this.

So this situation is getting taken care. Our veterans and their families deserve better than to have trash dumped around the cemetery, that's for sure. It sounds like the city will get it cleaned up quickly and hopefully it won't happen again out there.

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