Ask Joe: How much is it costing to repaint the Reno Star?


Some of our viewers have written in with questions about the status of a very recognizable art piece in town -- the Reno Star.

Stan wrote in on Facebook to say he has heard the Reno Star art piece is being painted. Stan wants to know how much it is costing to repaint it.

Here's what I found out:

If you've driven by the Reno Star recently at McCarran Boulevard and S. Virginia Street, then you've seen there's not a lot to it right now. The long spines have been removed and taken away to be repainted.

All this came about not long after a recent Ask Joe segment, where a viewer asked who was in charge of maintaining the star as it was starting show some signs of wear and tear from our Northern Nevada weather.

Then when crews went out to inspect it after our report, they actually found someone was living inside the Star.

So it is being repainted now, with a new color: white. I checked with Matt Brown at the city of Reno. He says the city has contracted with Peabody Fleet Painting to do the job for $17,300.

The funding for the painting project is coming from room tax revenues, not the general fund. Room taxes are paid by visitors staying in hotels, and according to the Reno Municipal Code, this portion of the room tax funds is required to be spent on public art.

No word on how long the painting will take. At this point, the city says there is no date for the re-installation of the Reno Star. We'll keep you posted.

It should be a shining star when it's all done and put back in place. Again it will be a new color, white. Should be interesting to see!

Thanks to our viewer who wrote in asking how our tax dollars are being spent on this new public art project.

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