Ask Joe: What is next chapter in WCSD wrongful termination case?

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    From the Ask Joe file, we are following up on Wednesday's story about a Washoe County School District employee who was wrongfully terminated and then eventually given her job back.

    Some of our viewers wrote in asking what recourse the employee, Trina Olsen, has now? Can she sue the school district over her wrongful termination?

    Here's what I found out:

    First a quick recap. Trina Olsen was fired as assistant principal at Hug High in 2017 after she reported an incident involving drugs on campus. Olsen told us she thought she was doing the right thing by reporting it.

    She was fired soon after but an arbitrator ruled her firing was not justified and was in fact retaliatory. The arbitrator ordered the school district to rehire Olsen and give her back pay for the time she missed.

    As for what happens now, Olsen has filed a whistleblower complaint but the school district rejected it because she'd already been fired when she filed it. Olsen is in the process of filing a revised whistleblower complaint and she'll present that at the next school board meeting on Tuesday March 12th.

    Olsen has not sued the school district yet. She is asking for to meet with the school board to talk about what happened to her but school board president Katy Simon Holland told us that board members are not interested in meeting with Olsen since her case with the district has been resolved through arbitration.

    Even though her case has been resolved, Trina Olsen wants to know why no one at the school district was held accountable in her case. Her whistle blower complaint asks for an investigation to help get answers about that. And again Olsen will be at the Washoe County School Board meeting on Tuesday to present that revised complaint.

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