Ask Joe: Did city notify residents about street renaming?

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    New Sparks Mayor Ron Smith has been sworn in to office and one of our viewers has a question about a special honor for former Mayor Geno Martini.

    Daisy Buchanan wrote in saying she's noticed that South D'Andrea Parkway has been renamed Geno Martini Parkway. Daisy says it's a great honor but her question is when did this happen and why weren't homeowners officially notified about a name change for a major street?

    Here's what I found out:

    Daisy is right the city has renamed a stretch of South D'Andrea Parkway to honor the former mayor who has done so much for the city. It's the section between Vista Boulevard and North D'Andrea Parkway that has been renamed Geno Martini Parkway.

    The city council just approved this recommendation on Tuesday, November 13th as a matter of fact and the signs went up the next day. City spokesperson Julie Duewel says the Regional Street Naming Committee informed property owners about the change, at least those who live in the immediate area.

    No homes are located on the stretch of road that's been renamed so no one has to worry about changing their mailing address. The only address that changes is the abandoned D'Andrea Golf Course which is now officially located at 2900 Geno Martini Parkway.

    By the way there is some significance to that particular street. It runs through what used to be the old Martini Ranch. So that's another reason the city felt this was an appropriate way to show its appreciation. Congratulations to the Mayor on his retirement and now for this special honor he's received from the city. Well deserved!

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