Ask Joe: Crackdown on street racing lands five in jail

street racing.png

From the ask joe file, we are following up on a recent question about illegal street racing.

Last month one of our viewers, Laureen Blum, wrote in asking what can be done to stop illegal street racing near her neighborhood on South Mccarran? Laureen said she had reached out to the city and Reno police but never received any response.

Here's what I found out:

As we reported last time around, street racing can be a challenge for police because often times by the time they show up the crowds have scattered. However as we were looking into this issue two weeks ago Reno police let us know they were in the process of planning a pretty big crackdown on street racing. They used the information they'd received from residents to track where and when the street racing was going on.

Here's a look at some of the numbers from that crackdown.

During the operation police conducted 48 traffic stops, issued 49 citations, towed seven vehicles and arrested five people. The arrests were for eluding police, parole violations, being intoxicated with a firearm, and driving under the influence.

This crackdown was a joint effort by Reno Police, Sparks Police and the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. They want to remind people that street racing is dangerous and they will continue to crack by making arrests and impounding peoples' cars.

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