Ask Joe: Could photos help nab suspect who dumped trash illegally?

trash on cam.png

From the Ask Joe file, we have a question from a neighbor about a case of illegal trash dumping caught on camera! Well, at least part of it was caught on camera.

I actually reached out to our viewer, Geralda, on Facebook about this issue because I saw something she had posted.

She noticed someone dumping a lot of trash in her neighborhood off 4th Street and she took pictures.

Her question: Who does she turn to now to get this case investigated?

Here's what I found out:

The photos Geralda took show a lot of trash and furniture had been dumped in the area off 4th Street and Stagg Road.

You can also see in the pictures a truck leaving the scene and even a store receipt that was in the trash that might serve as some evidence in tracking the culprit down.

Pretty amazing to think someone would be okay with dumping all that trash out there.

As far as who to turn to, I checked into it and this is within the city of Reno limits. So I reached out to Reno Police and Community Development and showed them the photos.

The good news is Reno Police are investigating and in fact, they reached out and got in touch with our viewer today.

Officer Tim Broadway says they do want to hear from people when there are issues like this, and he says in this case the resident did exactly the right thing by getting photographs and as much identifying information as possible. So it is officially under investigation. Let's hope they can track down the culprit sooner rather than later.

We are also happy to report that volunteers with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful came to the rescue and hauled away the trash that was dumped in that field.

By the way, illegal dumping is a misdemeanor and carries a possible $1,000 fine.

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