Ask Joe: Can something be done about "hidden" stop sign in south Reno?

stop sign.jpg

Tuesday's Ask Joe question: Frank Myers wrote in asking what can be done about a stop sign in south Reno that he says is almost entirely hidden by trees?

Here's what I found out:

We went and took a look. The stop sign is at the corner of Hilltop and Corey Drive if you're familiar with that area.

I checked with Steve Bunnell at the city of Reno about this. He agreed this not a good situation. If it was public property it would be easier for the city to go out and trim the trees but in this case the trees are on private property. So Bunnell says the city has sent the property owner a letter asking them to trim the tree branches. If it doesn't get taken care of the case will then be referred to code enforcement. So it is being addressed.

Bunnell did say that if you have a concern like this you can call Reno Direct at 334-4636. Just give them the information and they will send it to the proper city department to get it taken care of.

Road signs are there for a reason and visibility is key. In this case there's definitely some work that needs to be done to make that sign a little easier for motorists to see before it causes an accident.

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