Ask Joe: Can RPD go undercover to investigate recent reports of suspicious behavior?

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From the Ask Joe file, one of viewer wrote in on Facebook with a question about the recent reports of suspicious activity that are getting a lot of attention in the Reno area.

Our viewer, who asked that we not use her name, asked if Reno Police have considered going undercover at places like Walmart to catch the suspects who may be approaching women in parking lots.

Here's what I found out:

This is a tricky situation because the reports of suspicious activity are swarming on social media. I spoke with Reno Police Officer Tim Broadway and Lt. Zack Thew about this.

They tell me that while there's a lot of talk and fear, RPD has only received four reports of this kind of suspicious activity. The problem is a lot of people are turning to Facebook rather than calling 911 or filing a report with Reno Police.

Police are following up on those reports, but Broadway and Thew say they need more solid evidence before they can add extra patrols in parking lots or put together an undercover operation of some kind.

Again if you feel threatened, call 911. Aside from that, if you have any pictures or descriptions of a suspect or suspects, or a license plate number, make sure that information gets in the hands of police by filling out a report, either online or at the police station.

This story is really getting a lot of people worked up, but police simply don't have a lot of solid leads to go on at this point.

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