Ask Joe: Can owner fight demolition of Reindeer Lodge?

Ask Joe: Can owner fight demolition of Reindeer Lodge?

From the Ask Joe file, we are following up on a recent question about the historic Reindeer Lodge.

The question came from viewer Larry Bandt, who wanted to know if the Reindeer Lodge is ever going to be cleaned up after it was severely damaged by our storms last winter.

Here's what I found out:

When we checked on this recently, Washoe County informed us they had set a deadline for February 28 for the owner of the Reindeer Lodge to obtain a demolition permit. After that, the county says the owner will start facing fines.

You can see in the pictures the roof has basically caved in from last winter's storms.

I heard from owner Gary Schmidt after our story aired. He says the property is for sale. He wants at least $2. 8 million for it, and it doesn't have to be demolished. He has even posted a flyer on his Facebook page to advertise the sale.

Schmidt, a former Washoe County Commission candidate, says he's hopeful someone might be able to save the historic lodge.

Also, he wanted to point out he is the one who put up the fencing around the property to keep people out and prevent it from becoming a safety issue.

So I checked back with Washoe County to find out if the fact that the property is for sale changes anything. The county says the demolition order will remain in effect for the parts of the building that are considered to be dangerous.

The county can change that timeline if the owner shows some sort of progress or a plan to clean up the property.

Gary Schmidt points out the Reindeer Lodge is historic and he says it would be an asset to the community if it could be rebuilt. The challenge may be finding someone who is willing to take that on.

In the meantime, Washoe County wants to see progress in the form of clean-up or some type of rebuilding plan.

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