Ask Joe: Bah Humbug! What happened to Reno's Christmas spirit?

The old clock in downtown Reno is decorated for Christmas.

The holiday season has wrapped up, but we do have a question from a viewer about whether the holiday spirit may have been lacking in certain areas this year.

Kitt wrote in asking what happened to Christmas in downtown Reno?

She says she's lived here 50 years and she's never seen it so sad-looking. She says there were no wreaths and no lights, only a one lonely Christmas tree!

Kitt asked us to please help bring Christmas back!

Here's what I found out:

It's a good question. Of course, the Christmas tree is lit up in the plaza right across from Reno City Hall every year.

The city does put up a few decorations. The old clock downtown is decorated, as are some of the light poles throughout the downtown area, but the decorations are a little sparse.

I think it's fair to say most people are not overwhelmed by the holiday displays in downtown Reno.

I checked with Matt Brown at Reno City Hall about this.

Brown says the problem is the decorations they used to put up would get vandalized or stolen, so the city has really given up on any large scale decorating.

I asked Brown how much is spent on Christmas and holiday decorations. He said he didn't know because it's not something that is budgeted for on an annual basis.

Obviously other cities manage to put up decorations during the holidays, but the vandalism issue seems to have taken its toll at Reno City Hall and taken away a little bit of the Christmas spirit. Hopefully, that won't be permanent.

My suggestion would be to call or write your council member and let them know if this is something any of you feel strongly about it.

Maybe some of them could use a little reminder about why it is important to decorate the city for the holidays, and perhaps there are some solutions out there to minimize theft and vandalism.

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