Ask Joe: Is Eikelberger the only suspect in Reno murder case?


Tuesday's Ask Joe question: Our viewer Chase wants to know if there are any other suspects in the murder of Sierra Ceccarelli? The man police arrested was released only a few days later.

Here's what I found out:

This is a case that's drawn a lot of attention... The suspect, Robert Eikelberger, was arrested in February of this year on an open murder charge but he was released just a few days later after the case was transferred from Washoe County to Lyon County because of a potential conflict.

So Eikelberger is free and there is no word on whether formal charges will ever be filed. I did check with Reno Police Chief Jason Soto about this. I asked him if there are any other suspects police are looking at and he said no, Eikelberger is the only person police have targeted in this investigation. Soto did say his officers continue to work with the Lyon County District Attorney on the case. So it doesn't sound like the case has been dropped altogether

I also checked with the Lyon County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeremy Reichenberg but I did not hear back from him before airtime for this story. We'll keep you posted when we hear something new on this case.

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