Ask Joe: Truth to rumors about new road linking Sparks and Tahoe Reno Industrial Park?

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From the ask joe file, a question tonight about some possible traffic improvements which could be in the works in our area.

This was a question that came up this morning during our news planning meeting. The question is, is it true that a new road could be in the works from Wingfield Springs out to Patrick along I-80?

I checked with NDOT about this. They are making some minor improvements to improve traffic flow on i-80 near the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. This fall they re-striped the eastbound Interstate 80 ramp to USA Parkway to create more traffic lanes. Next year NDOT plans to add a traffic signal and additional turn lanes at USA Parkway. Meg Ragonese, spokeswoman for NDOT says they are also evaluating future changes to the existing I-80 corridor to keep traffic from getting bogged down with the increased number of cars on the road.

As for a new road, NDOT referred me to the Regional Transportation Commission on that one. Lauren Ball at RTC says yes, they are thinking about a new road from Wingfield out to Patrick along I-80 near the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Ball says it's only in the planning stages but she says RTC did recently apply for a federal grant that would provide funding for a planning and environmental study of the area. However even it is deemed feasible Ball says construction is still years away.

No specific alignment has been identified but it's clear this road is a possibility that's getting a close look by those in charge as a possible solution as traffic becomes more of an issue here in Northern Nevada.

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