Ask Joe: Any sign of teenager who disappeared in September?


    From the Ask Joe file, we are following up on a mysterious missing persons case that was in the news a few months ago.

    Tom Heizer wrote in saying he used to work with Maddy Lingenfelter and Tom says his fellow employees are wondering if there have been any signs of her since her disappearance?

    Here's what I found out:

    This case is was a complete mystery from day one and continues to be. 19 year old Maddy Lingenfelter disappeared in September of this year (2018). Maddy was last spotted in north Reno and her car was found up at the top of Mount Rose Highway in the parking lot of the Tannenbaum Event Center.

    There have been no signs of her since.

    I checked with Lieutenant Zack Thew over at the Reno Police Department. He says they are stumped by this case. Thew says it doesn't look like there's any foul play involved. He says the circumstances indicate Maddy may have been suicidal.

    Her name has been entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIS) as a missing endangered person.

    You may remember there was an intensive search up on Mount Rose after Maddy's car was found at Tannenbaum. So either she wandered way off into the mountains or somehow traveled to another area altogether. There are just no signs other than her car, and according to police her family and friends are in the dark about what happened to her as well.

    If you know anything about Maddy Lingenfelter's disappearance, please give the Reno Police Department a call and let them know.

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