Ask Joe: Woman who stole elderly man's life savings to serve less than 3 years

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From the Ask Joe file, we are following up on a case we've been covering since early this year -- a case of fraud against an 83-year-old Reno man. The case wrapped up with a sentencing hearing in federal court on Monday.

Angela Fischer, 52, was charged with one count of mail fraud. She has admitted to stealing $190,000 from the victim, Bobby Flood, after she gained access to his accounts while working as the business manager at a local retirement home.

Fischer, who said she suffers from bipolar disorder, faced a maximum of 20 years in prison, but a federal judge sentenced her to 33 months and to pay back all the money she stole from the victim.

Here's a little bit of background on the case. Reno Police originally arrested Fischer on 41 felony counts after the embezzlement was discovered. Police say Fischer took the victim to the bank to set up his online banking, and she was able to obtain his bank account password at that time.

But the case was later transferred to the federal system as the U.S. Attorney's Office took over. Those 41 counts were reduced to just one count of mail fraud in the federal case.

And in the federal system, there is no enhancement for crimes against the elderly, as there is in Nevada's District Court.

Fischer will be allowed to surrender anytime between now and February to begin serving her sentence at the federal prison in Dublin, California.

While the judge did order restitution in this case, prosecutors say it is unlikely Flood will ever get back what was stolen from him during his lifetime.

I did reach out to Reno Police Chief Jason Soto to get his reaction to the sentencing since RPD made the initial arrest in this case, but Chief Soto did not respond to our request.

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