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No major injures after two planes collide at Reno Air Races

No one was seriously injured when two planes collided at the Reno Air Races this year.

Thom Richard, pilot of "Hot Stuff", was sitting in his aircraft when another plane clipped him from behind going well over 60 miles an hour.

Richard's hand, which was holding up the plane's canopy, was the only injury.

His YouTube video has been shared more than 2.5 million times.

Eagles make Sparks Marina their new home

Air traffic has picked up at the Sparks Marina over the last year.

Two Bald Eagles have taken up an urban residency.

Residents say the eagles make daily appearances at the Marina.

Amy Schumer calls the Biggest Little City a "dump"

Amy Schumer was a big talker -- and not just for her Hollywood status.

In April, the comedian performed in Reno, then based the city during a BBC Interview.

Amy told a reporter that the worst place to spend a weekend would be Reno, Nevada because it's a "dump".

She also mispronounced Nevada during the same interview.

President-elect Trump mispronounces Nevada at Reno rally

Amy Schumer isn't the only one who mispronounced the state's name.

The rally took place in October, a staffer later said he was joking and that he does in fact know how to correctly pronounce Nevada.

Trump said, "Nobody says it the other way... has to be Ne-vah-duh... and if you don't say it correctly... it didn't happen to me, but he was killed."

A mysterious white streak blazes across northern Nevada skies

Eyes were to the sky last summer.

Viewers sent us videos when a mysterious white streak lit up northern Nevada skies on July 27, 2016 just before midnight.

Everyone wants to know what the heck caused that? Space junk? A meteor? A UFO? Not quite any of those.

The US strategic command reports it was a Chinese rocket re-entering the atmosphere.

Super Moon captured in northern Nevada

If your eyes were not skyward in November for the Super Moon, luckily our very own Ben Margiott caught a beautiful time lapse video that was shared more 900 times on Twitter.

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