Think Local: Puzzle Room Reno locks you in for brain-teasing fun

Think Local: Puzzle Room Reno offers brain-teasing fun

It will challenge the mind while offering a ton of fun.

Puzzle Room Reno has opened downtown at 135 N. Sierra St., offering people a chance to escape giant brain teaser.

"We lock you in the room for one hour, and then your goal is to get out," said owner Philippe Frayssinoux.

To escape, you'll have to solve a lot of puzzles and clues and worth with your team .

Philippe said he want home to France four years ago and developed the breakthrough.

"I've been here for a lot of years, so I was just really passionate about bringing such a cool experience here for our community," he said.

To take part, you will have to reserve a room and time in advance. To learn more, visit

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