Think Local: Great Full Gardens uses all natural ingredients


When it comes to cooking with whole, natural ingredients, Juli and Gino Scala know how to do it right. Great Full Gardens has been thriving in the Midtown district for the past few years, and it all started with Gino's previous health condition.

"We were really struggling with trying to find a natural cure, so as I looked into it, it was ingredients in food products in conventional foods that created the whole idea," said Scala.

Once he started eating more greens, his health condition dissipated. Now, it is their mission to bring the power of health to the community.

They make sure that all of their ingredients come from local farmers.

"We have a 'say no' policy to local produce, so people that are growing it without pesticides and we can prove that, we'll work with a local farmer," said Scala.

They offer options for gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or even if you're in the mood for a juicy burger. They make sure all beef is grass-fed with zero preservatives.

Gino the Soupman is their line of soups, which have grown so much that it is sold in major retailers like Whole Foods and Great Basin Food Co-op.

"We're still their number one private brand in frozen grocery," said Scala.

"There's so many aspects of awesomeness, the number of people that we touch that come in here, it's humbling and also just gratifying," said Scala.

They are expanding their restaurant to South Reno and are currently in the process of opening.

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