Louis' Basque Corner in Reno prepares for founder's 90th birthday

Louis' Basque Corner in Reno, Nevada (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

The man behind the name of Louis' Basque Corner will get a big celebration on Thursday.

The Reno mainstay will celebrate the 90th birthday of Louis Erriguible with a big party.

Family and friends will come down to honor Louis with appetizers, cake and drinks, bar manager Craig Benson said.

Louis' Basque Corner opened in 1967, though Erriguible sold the restaurant about five years ago. The famous Picon Punch is still on the menu, along with sweetbreads, ox tails and beef tongue.

"It's an institution here in Reno," Benson said. "It's been here, it'll be 50 years next year. A lot of people come in and bring their kids in when they're four or five years old, and now they're back and in their 50s with their kids and their grandkids."

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