Biggest Little Fashion Truck cruises into town

Think Local: The Biggest Little Fashion Truck (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

They drive up, and you step inside. It's a trend cruising across the country, and now you can find it in the Biggest Little City.

Britton Murdock, owner of the Biggest Little Fashion Truck, says, "Fashion truck is a new trend that's happening in LA and New York, so I thought Reno would be great. Then I got the opportunity to buy the truck from the mayor and that changed everything for me."

Murdock says she's looking to change the way women shop.

"I want to give people an experience like they can't get anywhere else and I want to offer clothing they can't get anywhere else," she said. "So those two things are unique and I want to be part of the community."

Murdock is partnering with longtime businessman Mark Estee for a ladies' night event. It's a collaboration he says he's excited about.

Estee, owner of Liberty Food & Wine Exchange, said, "We can bring a really cool truck in here and have a fun fashion night and we can show off what we're doing here at Liberty food and wine exchange with our lunch and brunch and dinner menus and our store and our retail wine and beer."

Just as northern Nevadans support local businesses, Estee says it's important that our entrepreneurs help each other as well.

"We all work together to help each other and retail is a really big thing. I've been downtown for almost 5 years now, coming up on 6, and we really need retail," says Estee. "And supporting a truck like this and supporting a young female entrepreneur like this is something I'm super proud to do and be part of and help."

Wine, shopping and fun are all key ingredients to having a successful girls night out.

Murdock says, "The most awesome place for girls to hang out and to have clothing there too once a month is a great opportunity for me, for him and for everyone involved."

The event runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in front of Liberty Food & Wine Exchange on N. Sierra Street.

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