Chihuahua dressed as creepy clown is internet hit

Wiskey the Chihuahua has become an internet hit thanks to his creepy clown costume.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) -- It was a blockbuster film this fall. Stephen King's "It" was brought back to the big screen.

"I'm a huge horror fan and I love Stephen King and I loved Pennywise in the movie,” said Mercedes Murray.

Pennywise is that creepy killer clown. Now, meet his doggy double -- a 13-year-old blind Chihuahua named Wiskey.

"He dresses up every day and he has dressed up for every single holiday,” said Murray.

For Halloween Murray figured there was no better costume than Pennywise.

"I can't sew, but I took a lot of hours to figure it out. I sewed the little sleeves. I made sure he had three ruffles, I got the balloon,” said Murray.

She also gave him the trademark creepy clown hair by gluing pieces of a wig to a small sock. Then she found the perfect setting.

Little Wiskey sat perfectly still in a drain pipe. The photos have been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

"The first people to share it were in different countries so I really underestimated the power of the internet and social media, really underestimated it,” said Murray.

Wiskey also made the front page of the site Reddit and was shared by comedian Daniel Tosh. Murray says dressing up Wiskey started for fun and she hopes other find joy in the pictures.

"He's a very happy dog and I'm very happy that the world got to see him and they'll continue to see him,” said Murray.

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