Vet facing criminal charge for performing surgery with leash around dog's neck, snout

A Quincy, Ill. vet faces an animal cruelty charge after a 15-count complaint from the state professional regulation department (KHQA)

A veterinarian is facing criminal charge after he was accused of multiple acts against patients in his care.

The Adams County State's Attorney charged Dr. Andrew Kaiser with one criminal misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals.

The charge comes after a 15-count complaint was filed last year by the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. That complaint detailed 15 different examples of what they described as "failures" to apply the knowledge and skills used by a "reasonably well-qualified" vet.

According to the ACSA, Dr. Kaiser faces a criminal charge for the alleged act that he tied a leash around a dog's snout and neck, and performed a surgery without using an oxygen mask, or checking vitals.

The incident took place in August of 2015.

The Quincy City Council voted to terminate its contract with Dr. Kaiser in April after the 15-count complaint was filed.

He is expected to appear in Adams County court for the criminal misdemeanor charge May 20.

The allegations in the professional regulation complaint include:

  • Charging for a burial of an animal after euthanasia, but disposing of the body in a dumpster instead
  • Tying a leash around a dog's snout and neck multiple times and performing surgery without an oxygen mask
  • Not looking into a hemorrhage death during a spay procedure of a pet left for adoption
  • Extracting 14 teeth from a dog admitted to have an anal gland removed. Failure to suture the dog's gums resulted in him bleeding to death. The animal's body was placed in a plastic bag on the floor of the treatment room for "more than two days"
  • Placing 13 puppies in a room meant for isolation for canine parvovirus cases
  • Leaving a pet in a cage after it hemorrhaged during a surgery. Towels and bandage material was used to stop it
  • Not addressing a pet's difficulty breathing in a timely manner
  • Using a catchpole around a dog's neck until it couldn't breathe, "and slammed it down on the floor" after picking it up off the ground with it
  • Choked a Chihuahua with a catchpole, broke several teeth, stepped on its neck and tail before euthanizing it
  • Telling an assistant to "shut up" when they reported a cat wasn't breathing during surgery - the animal later died in his care
  • Failing to give pain medicine to pets during and after surgery
  • Not calculating the correct amount of medication for a pet, and ignoring the owner's calls when it stopped eating and was later hospitalized
  • Punching a dog in the hip three or four times when it resisted going towards the kennels

Read the complaint here

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