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Marshall Carrasco: Making a Difference


Marshall Carrasco believes in the importance of giving back to the community as much as possible.

It is essential to create a synergy of community support and a movement to help others in order to maintain balance in your life.

Through this discovery, Marshall Carrasco has created the Marshall Realty Giveback Program.

From assisting our teachers with funds for classroom supplies through Marshall Realty Excellence In Education to assisting our local students with college funds through the Marshall Realty Class Act to assisting our community through Marshall Realty sponsorships, drives and fundraisers, it’s become very apparent that Marshall Carrasco gives back.

On his next community outreach adventure, Marshall Carrasco will be donating $25 for every completed transaction through the month of June 2017. All raised funds will be presented to the VGH on the 4th of July!

And yes, you can join Marshall Carrasco and Marshall Realty in donating to our Veterans!

To donate, please visit marshallrealtyteam.com and click on the donate button on the “Giveback” section.

Also, make sure you follow the progress at Marshall Realty Giveback on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the Marshall Realty Giveback events.

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