Yerington HS 'Unity Day' poorly attended after school shooting rumors, principal says

About 40 percent of Yerington High School students stayed home Friday.

Yerington High School's annual 'Unity Day,' moved to Friday in light of racial bullying allegations, was poorly attended after school shooting rumors spread, principal Duane Mattice said.

Mattice told News 4-Fox 11 that about 40 percent of the student body stayed home. Fewer than 400 students attend Yerington High School.

The 'Unity Day' event typically happens later in the school year, but student leaders decided to hold it this week given the recent tension on campus because of bullying allegations.

Last month, News 4-Fox 11 reported that the parents of two Yerington High School students are considering suing the Lyon County School District after their daughters were called the N-word and physically threatened.

Student leaders briefly addressed the bullying Friday but wanted the main focus to be on bringing kids together.

"This is not about what's going on. We're putting that aside today. Today is all about students and recognizing everybody as equal," student body president Darwin Snyder said.

Both Snyder and Mattice said that bullying at Yerington High School is not the norm.

"I don't see any bullying. I don't see any problems. That's not what happens, that's not what our school's about. It's just a minority that made some mistakes," Snyder said.

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