Wolf Run East: New, affordable student housing off campus

The new student housing Wolf Run East can house up to 210 students. The complex is expected to open August 2017.

Reno's only family-owned student housing company expands and plans to open a new complex this August that will house 210 students.

After 20 years, Wolf Run Village's co-founder Shellie Nessar launches the new and different Wolf Run East, across the street. It's conveniently located two blocks away from the University of Nevada-Reno.

The student townhomes offer up to three bedroom units with a more spacious room.

Off-campus housing for students is near and dear to Nessar's heart. Following, her college graduation two decades ago, she returned home to work with her father on launching one of the first student housing in northern Nevada. This was due to the lack of student housing outside of the dormitories.

Wolf Run East aims to open this August before the Fall semester. To apply, students can head to the leasing office at Wolf Run Village: 467 Beverly Street Reno, NV 89512.

For more information on leasing, you can click here http://www.wolfrunstudenthousing.com/

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