What you can and can't do with recreational marijuana

Photo: Pixabay / MGN

Recreational marijuana could be hitting the shelves soon, and the Reno Police Department is reminding residents of the dos and don'ts when sales begin.

Marijuana cannot be smoked in any public place, including parks, sporting events, casinos, hotels, concerts, festivals and special events. Violators will be fined $600 for their first offense.

The only place to legally consume pot is at a private residence or in your own home.

Only people older than 21 will be able to purchase recreational marijuana. A person can possess one ounce of marijuana or one-eighth of an ounce of concentrated marijuana.

Technically, homeowners can grow up to six plants per person, but you can't grow marijuana if you live within 25 miles of a dispensary, so growing anywhere in Reno or Sparks is essentially off-limits.

You can keep marijuana in your car, but you can't drive while under the influence. Law enforcement will pull over suspected DUI drivers, administer field sobriety tests and ask if they consent to a blood test.

Reno Police said there are still a few kinks yet to be figured out, including rules on being under the influence in public.

"That's the tricky question," Deputy Chief Tom Robinson said. "I don't see the Reno Police Department aggressively enforcing people being under the influence. I do see it being reserved for those extreme cases where someone is aggressive or extremely uncooperative."

Another wrinkle: RPD doesn't know what they're allowed to do when a person is carrying a legal amount of marijuana and is arrested for an unrelated crime resulting in officers taking the marijuana into their possession.

"Because it's federally illegal, we're concerned that we're violating federal law if we give the individual back their marijuana so those are issues that are still hanging in the balance," Robinson said.

Sales were scheduled to start July 1, but could be delayed after a Carson City judge ruled to allow alcohol wholesalers exclusive access to marijuana distribution.

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