What happens if weather prevents tonight's fireworks in Sparks?

FILE: Star Spangled Sparks on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

The Nugget's Star Spangled Sparks fireworks show is still happening tonight in downtown Sparks, assuming weather and wind conditions permit.

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The hotel has 1,700 firecrackers on deck to light up the sky tonight, but -- if winds exceed 15 miles per hour -- the show will be delayed until the winds die down.

However, if winds pick up and continue through midnight, the show could be postponed until tomorrow, July 5.

There’s even a possibility the fireworks show could happen during the day.

“Typically, what would happen then is it would go to the next day; we might have to light them off during the daytime, it just depends on coordination with the fire and police department[s]. Obviously, there’s road closures and there’s logistics that kick into action at that point,” says Randy Kennedy, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Nugget Casino Resort.

News 4-Fox 11 will continue to update the public on tonight’s fireworks scenarios. Here’s a full wrap of where you can catch displays throughout the region.

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