Weeds cleared, but D'Andrea homeowners still not happy after weeds left on property

    Weeds cleared, but D'Andrea homeowners still not happy after weeds left on property

    Homeowners on the abandoned D'Andrea Golf Course in Sparks are again frustrated after a local company cleared brush away from their homes, but left the weeds in piles on the property.

    Back in September, News 4-Fox 11 reported that residents were considering legal action against the City of Sparks for not enforcing the fire code.

    People were concerned that the dry brush and tumbleweed that grew right up to their property lines would be perfect fuels if a brush fire were to spark in the area.

    The property owner, Tygris Vendor Finance, is required by Sparks fire code to clear brush within 25 feet of fences — and it contracted Jobs Peak Weed Control to do the work, according to Sparks Fire Marshal Bob King.

    On Wednesday, News 4-Fox 11 found that the weeds had been cleared the proper distance from property lines, but the debris was left in large piles up to 5 feet tall.

    "It is an eyesore ... I think it's a mess. I don't think it's a good job."

    "I mean, I could (clear the weeds) in an afternoon," said nearby homeowner Steve Swinburn. "But the truth is, it's a mess. And it shouldn't have been left this way."

    Sparks Fire Code doesn't technically require contractors to disposes of the brush, just to clear the brush at least 25 feet from fence lines.

    King said over the phone that Jobs Peak Weed Control "did what they were asked to do." King was unavailable for an on-camera interview, but released the following statement.

    "I conducted a site visit and found that the weed abatement company met my requirements for weed abatement on the property."

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