UNR hosts "Nuisance Weed Identification and Control " class

Weed germination in Northern Nevada higher than previous years

This spring, Northern Nevada has experienced a spike in weed germination in comparison to previous years.

The University of Nevada Reno hosted "Nuisance Weed Identification and Control", an event which helped green-industry professionals such as landscapers address the issue.

The event was held on June 13 at the Washoe County Cooperative Extension Office as part of the Green Industry Continuing Education Series.

Cooperative Extension Horticulture Specialist Wendy Hanson Mazet taught the class which focused on the importance of identifying and controlling weeds before they go to seed.

Mazet discussed identification techniques and control methods for a variety of common nuisance weeds, which are any plants growing in an undesired place but that are not required to be eradicated by law.

The Green Industry Continuing Education Series provides current, research-based information to green-industry professionals.

For a complete list of upcoming classes through December click here.

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