Washoe County School District asks for public opinion on budget

    Washoe County School District

    The Washoe County School District has been in a budget deficit for quite some time.

    A few years ago they faced a $40 million deficit.

    In hopes of saving money the school district cut positions, eliminated some school bus routes, and ended the police presence at certain sporting events.

    Now the district is asking the public to chime in and give input as to where there should be budget cuts by way of a survey.

    "We also have several community budget forums we'll be presenting information about those. They'll start later on in January. We use the information from the budget surveys as well as our real time face to face conversations with members of the public about what they want to see us do in regards to the budget," said Katy Simon Holland, the Washoe County School District Board President.

    Once the district gets the results of the survey, it plans on taking it to board members to review and vote on.

    A few of the questions you may see on the survey include:

    • How familiar are you with the District’s cost-cutting efforts?
    • Were you familiar with the fact that school districts’ funding is set for the year?
    • How familiar are you with the District's current funding challenges?
    • The budget survey will remain open until January 7, 2019.

    To participate and take the WCSD survey click here.

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