Fraud calls claiming to be from grandchild use Washoe Jail, Nevada prison phone numbers

File photo: KRNV

Both the Washoe County Sheriff's Office and Nevada Department of Corrections say they've learned about scam calls going to senior citizens claiming to be from grandchildren in trouble.

The two agencies released statements Thursday saying they've learned about people receiving calls where caller ID lists the number for the sheriff's office front desk or Northern Nevada Correction Center.

The callers target seniors and claim to be a grandson or granddaughter, saying they need money because they've been arrested. According to the NDOC statement, a second person claimed to be an attorney and gave directions for making a wire transfer.

Both the sheriff's office and NDOC warn people to be skeptical when receiving a call from an unknown number.

"If you feel a call may possibly [be] legitimate, take the time to double-check the story with another family member before proceeding," the sheriff's office statement reads.

People can also report scam calls to local law enforcement, including the Washoe County Sheriff's Office at (775) 328-3001 (option 7) or online at

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