Volunteers use 'sand paint' to stop beavers from gnawing on trees at Washoe Lake

Volunteers mix sand with latex paint. The mixture is painted on trees so that beavers can't gnaw on them..png

About a dozen volunteers gathered at Washoe Lake State Park Saturday morning to 'paint' the trees along Washoe Lake.

The paint was a mixture of latex paint and sand, which is supposed to prevent beavers from gnawing on the trees.

Park Supervisor Jen Dawson said this was necessary because beavers have damaged 60 trees from chewing on them.

Toogee Sielsch, co-director of the Sierra Wildlife Coalition, expressed concerns that birds migrating through the area would lose their nesting spots if the beavers continue to chew on and knock down trees.

He also said that the beavers weren't doing this so they could eat. Rather, they chew on the trees to keep their teeth a certain size.

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