Victorian Square development forges ahead, nearby business struggles with construction

Victorian Square development.png

Silverwing Development forges ahead on the new "walkable community" its building in Victorian Square, or "VS".

Developers have already built 500 housing units and 20,000 square feet of retail/ commercial space.

Over the next 3-5 years developers plan to complete construction on 1,000 more housing units and 40,000 more square feet of retail/ commercial space.

The Galaxy Theatres Victorian is also being renovated. The Nugget is also undergoing a full renovation. Nugget staff members are collaborating with Silverwing Development on plans to knock down the Bourbon Street Casino and build "Bourbon Square", a future events center.

Retailers located next to the Galaxy Theatre will include Engine 8 Winery, Golden Rotisserie, a coffee house and pizza joint (yet to be announced).


Cantina Lostres Hombres manager, Heather Wilson, is frustrated by the current parking conditions due to construction.

She told News 4 that she understands that the bigger picture is more important than a current lack of parking. However, she believes that she is losing customers who don't know where to park or who get frustrated with not being able to find a spot.

Customers used to park in the "C" Street Garage behind the restaurant. The garage is currently under construction because "The Deco" will be built on top of the structure.

The first floor of the garage will still be open to the public, three levels will be for residents, and 209 apartments will be on floors 5-10.

Wilson mentioned that customers who visit VS can park at the Nugget while construction continues. However, she complained that they don't know that is an option until they are already in the restaurant.

Every housing development will have its own parking for residents.


Silverwing President, J. Witt, said that security is a top priority when building in VS.

He plans on building a space for Sparks Police inside "The Deco." According to Witt, it will not be a full-fledged station, but will serve as an outpost or management office of some sort.

In addition, each apartment complex will have interior cameras in common areas, entry point cameras and exterior cameras.

Residents will need a key fob to enter and the garage will be secured.

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