'Very unlikely' marijuana edibles could end up in kids' candy bags on Halloween

Edible marijuana products.

Before the November vote on the legalization of marijuana, campaign ads suggested that marijuana edibles would find their way into kids' candy bags on Halloween.

Now that recreational marijuana is permitted, should parents be worried about that possibility?

Neither marijuana advocates nor law enforcement in Northern Nevada are overly concerned, although they strongly suggest inspecting candy like always.

Will Adler, director of the Sierra Cannabis Coalition, said he's never found a documented case where a child ate a marijuana edible slipped into their candy bag on Halloween.

"The fear that children eat edibles is sort of hyped up and kind of a myth," Adler said. "I've never heard of (a case on Halloween) ever."

In Nevada, it seems even less likely after the state passed stricter edibles regulations just days before pot shops opened in July.

"You can't have an edible that looks like an action figure, a piece of fruit or any other attractive shape to a child," Adler said.

"We actually banned all lollipops and suckers because those are meant for children."

Still, police warn that it could happen, and encourage parents to inspect all Halloween candy from strangers before letting your kids eat it.

"We just want to be extra vigilant and want parents to know that there is a potential," Reno Police Department public information officer Tim Broadway said. "Do the right thing, and if it looks suspicious, just toss it."

"If it's unwrapped, throw it out. If it looks like the packaging was tampered with, throw it out. But our candy does not usually look like a Snickers bar, it does not usually come in that wrapping," Adler said.

If you want to be certain whether candy is tainted, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office will provide free candy X-ray inspection on Wednesday, November 1.

This service will be offered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Washoe County District Courthouse and the Mills Lane Justice Center, both in downtown Reno.

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