New parking, occupancy rules for SLT vacation home rentals to take effect in 10 days

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The City of South Lake Tahoe council unanimously approved the 2018 election results in a special meeting Monday.

The approvals included "Measure T" which would ban nearly all vacation home rentals in SLT.

Rental permits for owners with vacation rentals in residential areas expire December 31, 2021.

City of South Lake Tahoe spokesman Chris Fiore tells News 4- Fox 11 that homeowners will be fined $1000 for each day the home is rented out past December 31st.

New Rules

In 10 days, new occupancy and parking requirements go into effect.

Each vacation rental will not be able to house more than 12 people. If found in violation, the owner would be subject to a $500 fine.

One car is allowed for every four people at a vacation rental home. If found in violation, the owner would be subject to a $250 fine.


Fiore said the South Lake Tahoe Police Department will enforce the new rules with a "response- based" approach.

This means that police will respond to complaints of potential parking and occupancy violations.


Owners who can prove that they live in their vacation rental home at least six months every year can rent out their home.

However, owners can only rent out the home for up to 30 days every year.

Owners with vacation rental homes in the "tourist core area", or the purple- shaded area in the map below, can still operate as usual.


Fiore estimates the fiscal impact of the measure will equate to $3-4 million in lost tax revenue.

1,400 vacation rental homes will not be allowed after 2021.

400 vacation rental homes in the "tourist core" will be able to stay.

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