Two teens arrested for burglary at Fairview Market in Carson City

The Carson City Sheriff's Office (SBG)

Two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of stealing property from the Fairview Market in Carson City on Wednesday, according to authorities.

Detective Sam Hatley with the Carson City Sheriff's Office said the teens were identified via surveillance video taken from a nearby elementary school.

Deputies found them on Myles Drive nearby and recovered evidence from the burglary, according to Hatley.

The sheriff's office said Wednesday the burglary happened in the early morning hours, with a suspect entering through a window and suffering an injury to the hands, fingers or arms.

Investigators were able to follow a trail of blood to Eastwood Drive off Colorado Street, ending near Pinebrook Drive.

The names of the teens were not released due to their age, though they were identified as a 13-year-old from Carson City and a 14-year-old from Reno. They have been booked into the Carson City Juvenile Detention Facility, according to Hatley.

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