TSA tightens security for carry-on baggage


Federal security officers at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport are now asking passengers to remove all electronics from carry-on luggage when going through the security checkpoint.

"We're used to removing our laptops and placing those in the bin. Now it's going to be any type of electronic larger than a cell phone," said Lorie Dankers, spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration.

The protocol for liquids is also different. Now, all liquids will need to be placed in a container and separate from any other items.

Both of these changes could add to the number of bins that passengers will need to get through security.

"It's more things you have to carry, and you've already got your bags and your purse," Sandy Carver, who flies frequently, said. "It's a little inconvenient."

The reason behind the change is so that TSA agents will be able to see each electronic and liquid item more clearly.

"We know from intelligence and experience that those who want to harm the aviation system are using common consumer electronics. They want to manipulate those in a such a way that could be destructive on an aircraft," Dankers said.

Passengers who are approved for TSA Pre-Check, however, do not have to comply with these new rules. Fliers can apply for pre-check at the Reno-Tahoe Airport. The fee is $85 and the pre-check status lasts for five years.

Reno started implementing this new protocol Friday, but other U.S. airports may not see the change until later, when their agents are all trained.

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