Decision 2018: Women seize the majority of seats in the Nevada Assembly

    File photo: SBG

    Nevadans elected 22 women and 20 men to the Assembly Tuesday night.

    Seven women picked up seats that were previously occupied by men:

    1. Selena Torres beat opponent Stephen Sedlmeyer and will occupy Nelson Araujo's former seat.
    2. Connie Munk beat opponent Richard McArthur and will take his seat.
    3. Susan Martinez beat opponent Richard Fletcher and will occupy James Ohrenschall's former seat.
    4. Melissa Hardy beat opponent Kristee Watson and will occupy Keith Pickard's former seat.
    5. Alexis Hansen beat opponent Paula Povilaitis and will occupy Ira Hansen's former seat.
    6. Michelle Gorelow beat opponent David Schoen and will occupy Justin Watkin's former seat.
    7. Shea Backus beat opponent Jim Marchant and will take his seat.

    17 of the 22 women are Democrats.

    With the election of Jacky Rosen, Nevada will have two female Senators in Congress.

    In statewide races, Kate Marshall beat opponent Michael Roberson for Lieutenant Governor.

    Catherine Byrne beat incumbent Ron Knecht for State Controller.

    Barbara Cegavske will remain in her position as the Secretary of State.

    Three females were elected as supreme court justices: Elissa Cadish, Abbi Silver and Lidia Stiglich.

    Of the seven district court seats up for election, four went to women.

    The balance of men and women will remain the same in the U.S. House of Representatives for Nevada: two women and two men.

    Women won both of the seats up for election with the University Board of Regents: Laura Perkins and Amy Carvalho.

    The balance between men and women in the Senate will remain the same: eight women and 13 men.

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