The Davidson Academy vs. News 4 Science Bowl


    One-hundred and sixty Nevada students met in Las Vegas this past weekend to compete in the regional competition for The National Science Bowl.

    The National Science Bowl is one of the premier academic competitions across the country.

    A local team from The Davidson Academy of Nevada won our Regional competition and will be heading to Washington D.C. this spring to compete for the National title.

    The team won $5,000 to use for their schools science program, and is excited to get some new buzzers to practice for nationals.

    The top 16 teams in the National finals will win $1,000 for their schools science department.

    Miro Loma High School just over the hill in Sacramento has won the past three years, and last year they received a nine-day, all-expenses-paid science trip to Alaska, where they learned about glaciology, marine and avian biology, geology and plate tectonics.

    Today at News 4 we assembled a team to try and take on the boys at Davidson, and just had a blast. Joe Hart had a big answer, knowing what causes the orange and red in sunsets. And Chief Meteorologist Colin Jackson came through with the astronomy bonus question. Now Ryan Kern played a vital role tying the game up with an impressive guess during the chemistry section.

    Some members of the KRNV News 4 anchor team had a little competition against the state Science Bowl winners from The...

    Posted by Olivia DeGennaro KRNV on Friday, February 12, 2016

    But overall the team at Davidson prevailed. The team consists of senior Haydn Bradstreet, juniors Paolo Adajar, Eric Licc, Rinik Kumar, and sophomore Matthew Bauer. The boys nailed the biology and math sections, not even giving the News 4 a team time to process the questions. We also want to give a big congrats to Haydn for his recent acceptance into Harvard.

    News 4 wants to wish the Davidson boys the best of luck as they compete for the National title. We will all be rooting for you!

    To test your science knowledge, you can take the quiz from the competition earlier today:

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