The City of Reno wants the public to join in on the drone talk


    The City of Reno is asking the public to take a survey regarding the use of drones in the area.

    Earlier this year the city and drone company Flirtey were selected by the federal government to participate in an unmanned aerial pilot program.

    Reno and Flirtey had their first successful drone test back in September and now they want the public to get involved and voice their thoughts and concerns about drones.

    Reno resident, Dick Wells said, "I see no problem with using drones for applications around the city as far as security and fire protection".

    There are some growing concerns from residents about having drones flying overhead as well.

    “Definitely concerned about privacy and what kind of data they are storing and I would just like to see transparency” says Sarah Byer.

    According to the city, the survey will be active until 2020. They want the public to have plenty of time to voice their opinion.

    Here are some the questions you will see:

    • Which of the following drone uses do you support being adopted within our region?
    • What is your top concern about drone technology?
    • When you think of drones, what comes to mind?

    Click on this link to take the survey.

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