Terminally ill boy's wish comes true on Virginia City train

Six-year-old Victor Sciarrotta is battling brain cancer and is told by doctors he has less than six weeks to live. Saturday morning, he and his family spent the day granting his dying wish to finally ride a train in Virginia City.

Six-year-old Victor Sciarrotta of Minden, who is battling brain cancer, had the surprise of a lifetime.

Being infatuated with trains and Thomas the Tank engine, Victor's dying wish is to be able to ride a train.

"Our (hospital) window faced the BART train, and every ten minutes, the BART train would drive by," Victor's mother Amber said. "He would look at that train and go 'BART train! I want to go on the train.' I would promise him that when we were done with all the treatments, we would go on a train ride as often as you like."

Saturday morning, SAVE Protect Foundation along with the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company made a special expectation. Victor and his family took a round-trip ride from Virginia City to Carson City.

Victor spent time with the engineer, fire squad and in the conductor's seat.

Victor was diagnosed with cancer when he was 4. After spending a year in the hospital, he came home cancer-free in October.

Recently, the cancer returned in an aggressive form. The doctors told the family Victor has less than six weeks to live.

"This kid is so strong and so resilient. He always has a smile on his face," said SAVE Protect Foundation CEO Johnny Larkins. "People should know that cancer doesn't discriminate."

If you would like to help the Sciarrottas, you can contact SAVE Protect Foundation at 775-881-8207 or click here.

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