Swarm of earthquakes hit Northern Nevada

RENO, Nev. (KRNV-MYNEWS4.COM) -- 100 earthquakes happen everyday in Nevada, but a particular series of quakes is raising some questions and concerns.

Since Thursday, 26 earthquakes have hit Northern Nevada, with the largest being a 4.6.

Annie Kell, the Outreach Coordinator at the Nevada Seismology Lab says, "There's a lot of energy that's being released and continuing for a really long time because there's strain that's being released."

Experts say it's not unusual to see a swarm of earthquakes like this. However what is unusual is how long this particular pattern has been on the radar.

According to Kell, "It started last July with a magnitude 3 and its continued now for over 12 months. In this sequence we've seen over 200 magnitude 3s and about 20 magnitude 4s or larger."

Several years ago a swarm of earthquakes hit the Summerset area causing nearly 6 million dollars in damages. And officials say

A sequence like this could happen in a more urban area and for the Reno area, it would be completely devastating to our society and to our economy and to people's peace of mind," said Kell.

Sound daunting? Well there are things you can do to prepare for the possibilities, like create a family plan and an emergency kit with enough food and water for three days.

Kell said, "80 percent of injuries in an earthquake happen because of stuff in the house, not because of the structure. So by securing picture frames, hot water heaters, tall bookshelves, and things like that, making sure they won't fall on a bed, on a place where you're normally sitting is the number one thing you can do to be safer."

And as for emergency managers across the state, they too are prepared.

"We correspond with them, we have a relationship with them so that if there is a sequence that's happening they're notified about it, and we have an ongoing dialog," said Kell.

Kell says the Reno area has potential to see a size seven magnitude earthquake, and you can start preparing now. The Great Nevada ShakeOut is October 15th and there you can learn how to best protect yourself should an earthquake hit. You can sign up at http://shakeout.org/nevada/register/.

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