Students reduce their carbon footprint with energy project

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & at O'Brien STEM Academy are exploring energy efficiency using experimental technology, thanks to a Project Recharge grant from the National Science Foundation.

Students and teachers are working with Envirolution's staff, WCSD building control services engineers, and school district facility managers to analyze the data and detail a list of facility and behavioral conservation opportunities.
The work of these students and teachers has the potential to make a tremendous positive impact on school buildings.

Students are encouraged to use this data to learn about the impact of energy consumption on the environment, and identify ways in which they can implement changes to reduce the operating costs at O'Brien, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of their school.

O'Brien STEM Academy has partnered with Envirolution and Load IQ, two local organizations that are making waves in the world of innovative technology education. Envirolution is collaborating with teachers to challenge students to reduce energy loads at the school and in their homes. Load IQ provides a technology platform that determines exactly how much energy individual appliances use, which empowers students with precise data on the school's energy usage.

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