Speculation ensues following statement Senator Rosen appears to make during SOTU

    The moment Jacky Rosen appears to make a statement to Arizona senator (Video courtesy: CSPAN online)

    Senator Jacky Rosen is at the center of some controversy over a statement she appears to have made to a fellow senator during the State of the Union on Tuesday night.

    Watch the moment below.

    When President Trump made a comment about giving critically ill patients access to what he called ‘lifesaving cures’, Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona stood up and clapped.

    Soon after, Senator Rosen also stood up and said something to Sinema.

    Other media outlets soon took to social media to dissect the moment, pointing out it appears Rosen tells Sinema to “Watch your *expletive*” –- using another term for ‘backside’.

    A source familiar with the Rosen office tells News 4-Fox 11 that she did not say that statement.

    There was no official comment from Rosen's spokesperson on the issue.

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